An interview with Orthodox writer Bev Cooke, Canada


An interview with Orthodox writer Bev Cooke, Canada

by Tudor Petcu



Tudor Petcu is a Romanian writer, graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, Romania. He has published a number of articles related to philosophy and theology in different cultural and academic journals. His work focuses on the evolution of Orthodox spirituality in Western societies as well and he is going to publish a book of interviews with Westerners converted to Orthodoxy. In this article, he interviews Bev Cooke, a Canadian writer who converted to Orthodoxy.

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TP: Given the fact that you are one of the most well-known orthodox thinkers and writers in the West, I think it would be very good if you could introduce yourself and present the way by which you have discovered the Orthodoxy. Why have you chosen the conversion to Orthodoxy and how do you understand the Orthodox spirituality as a way of living?

Bev Cooke: Thank you very much for those kind words, but I’m really not as famous or as wise as you say! There are a lot of people who are much wiser, and I learn from them every day!

I was born and raised in Toronto Ontario, Canada and was baptized into the Anglican church. My father, the son of a Protestant minister, was a tolerant and gentle atheist who actually taught me a lot about Christian behaviour – he was one of the gentlest, kindest, most accepting and loving men I’ve ever known. My mother left the Anglican church when I was about five (I don’t know why, she never told me). So I grew up in a very secular household, but was always conscious of God and of needing His love, His mercy and his presence in my life.

In my teens, I hung around with a group of Catholic kids, attended mass and the youth group, and almost converted until a kind and wise priest advised me first to explore my own faith, and then decide if I should be Catholic. So I did, and the plan to convert ended up being put on hold for over twenty years and I ended up Orthodox, not Catholic. I was, for a long time, happy and fulfilled in Continue reading “An interview with Orthodox writer Bev Cooke, Canada”

Η Γερμανίδα Μοναχή Γλυκερία της Ι. Μονής Αγίου Ιωάννου του Θεολόγου της Πάτμου μας διηγείται την μεταστροφή της στην Ορθοδοξία

Ἡ Γερμανίδα Μοναχή Γλυκερία τῆς Ἱ. Μονῆς Ἁγίου Ἰωάννου τοῦ Θεολόγου τῆς Πάτμου μᾶς διηγεῖται τήν μεταστροφή της στην Ορθοδοξία:

“Εἶμαι Γερμανίδα. Ἦρθα ἐδῶ πρίν ἀπό δέκα περίπου χρόνια γιά τουρισμό. Ἀνῆκα στόν Προτεσταντισμό, ἀλλά δέν πίστευα. Ζοῦσα χωρίς κανένα περιορισμό… ἦρθα στήν Πάτμο μέ τό σόρτς, ἡλιοκαμμένη, μέ τό σακίδιό μου στήν πλάτη, μέ μόνη ἐπιθυμία νά περάσω καλά στίς ἔρημες παραλίες τοῦ ὑπέροχου αὐτοῦ νησιοῦ. Ἀλλά ἔτσι, γιά νά ᾽χω ἥσυχη τή συνείδησί μου, εἶπα νά κάνω καί μία “πολιτισμική” ἐπίσκεψι στό Μοναστήρι. Μπῆκα λοιπόν στό σπήλαιο, μετά πῆγα στό Μοναστήρι τοῦ Ἁγ. Ἰωάννου τοῦ Θεολόγου καί, τελικά, οὔτε ξέρω πῶς, “προσγειώθηκα” ἐδῶ ἕνα ἀπογευματάκι, τήν ὥρα τοῦ Ἐσπερινοῦ. Μπῆκα στήν ἐκκλησία καί παρακολούθησα ὄρθια τήν ἀκολουθία. Νά, ὅμως, πού μοῦ συνέβη κάτι τό ἀπίστευτο, δέν εἶναι εὔκολο νά σᾶς τό περιγράψω, παγιδεύτηκα κυριολεκτικά, μέ κατέλαβε μία μυστηριώδης δύναμι πού ἀνέτρεψε τά πάντα καί γέμισε τήν καρδιά μου μέ γλυκύτητα καί εἰρήνη. Πλημμύρισα ἀπό μία εὐτυχία τέτοια πού μόνο ὁ οὐρανός μπορεῖ νά δώση! Μοῦ ἦταν ἀδύνατον νά φύγω ἀπ᾽ τό παρεκκλήσι. Ἔμεινα μέσα καί δέν ξανάφυγα ποτέ ἀπ᾽ τό Μοναστήρι, ὅπου ἔγινα ἡ ἀδελφή Γλυκερία πού σᾶς μιλάει τώρα!”.